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Wednesday, September 1, 2021  |  Portraits

Livia turns one! : CT Family Photographer

Livia turned 1 and I had the honor of being there to document this milestone. Actually, I had the honor to photograph this beautiful baby three times during her first year. I thought I would put a few of the images from each session into this one blog post so you can see how much she's grown.

The first year is full of so many exciting moments. Even with the long nights, fussy moments, and other obstacles that parents go through, they all pale in comparison to the wonderful growth you get to observe right before your eyes. With all of the rapid changes, it's so important to take plenty of photographs during this time.

The first year with your baby will go by so quickly! Each day they grow and change, before you even realize, weeks and months will pass, and you will find them enter a new stage of their journey growing up.

Imagine going through together with your child looking at a collection of photographs of him or her and telling them about how much you fell in love with them, and together enjoying images of them from their first year sessions.

Livia is blessed that she has a family that values professional photography. She will be able to look back on these images and know how much she is loved. Sure, cell phones are a great way to capture the day to day, but professional photography will provide the high-end photographs that you can frame, gift and cherish for years to come. You'll never regret having too many photos, but you might regret not having enough.

Thank you Tina for letting me photograph this time in your granddaughters life. I look forward to watching Livia grow! xoxo

Monday, August 16, 2021  |  Portraits

Branford, CT Family Session of the C Family : CT Family Photographer

I have photographed so many families over the years who I have become good friends with. It's definitely one of the great perks of this job ~ meeting so many wonderful people. This family in particular has become so special to me. From the moment I photographed Jackie and Sean's engagement session, to their wedding, to their growing family, to this session you see here, my admiration and respect for them has grown more and more.

This session was extremely sentimental to me. Sean had to ship out with his unit very soon after we did this and I wanted to make sure that both he and Jackie and the kids all had memories of this fun time together. These kids will never ever doubt their dads love for them. Just look at how he looks at them. The sacrifice that he is making to serve our country and the strength Jackie has to keep this tight, loving crew together and happy makes me love and respect them even more.

I was able to create an app for Sean's phone with all the fun photos we took so he could take these smiles with him. Bonus!

Sean and Jackie, it was an honor to photograph all of you. I look forward to seeing all those smiles again when Sean comes home!

Friday, July 30, 2021  |  Portraits

A Greeenwich, CT Family Session of Faye, Bruce, Joey & Georgia : CT Family Photographer

Fall was definitely in the air with this family session. What a gorgeous day I had photographing Faye, Bruce, and their two beautiful daughters, Joey and Georgia. I still can't believe it was the first time we had met. They were such a blast to be with, I instantly felt like I had known them a long time. Since they were coming from New York, we found a great park in Greenwich, CT to meet. It fit them beautifully. Any time of year is the perfect time for a family photo session, but I find the warm fall colors to be extra special!!

Time spent with family is worth every second. Thank you Faye, Bruce, Joey, and Georgia for letting me photograph your time together. You are an awesome family!

Tuesday, July 6, 2021  |  Portraits

A Hammonasset Beach Family Session of the M Family : CT Family Photographer

Yes, it's July and I'm still bringing the blogs up to date - yeesh!

I'm taking you back to November, when I met up with this most beautiful family at one of my favorite places, Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, CT. There are so many fantastic places within the Park and, after looking around, we landed at Meigs Point which I thought was a perfect fit for this family!

When Liana contacted me to photograph her family, I had no idea how much fun they were all going to be. Filomena, Gene, Liana and Chris, Anthony, Corinna, and Sofia, were individually and collectively incredible to photograph. They all looked so good and dressed so well for the season and the location. We caught the best light and had a blast. It was so much fun!

Thank you Liana for letting me photograph your amazing family! You and your siblings have a wonderful bond.

I adore your family!

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