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Friday, January 27, 2023  |  Engagements

Branford, CT Engagement Session of Jenna & Lee : CT Engagement Photographer

It's time to kick off my blogging blitz with a bang!

I'm so excited to share Jenna and Lee's engagement session with you. They are such a fun and beautiful couple, and I can't wait for their wedding in September. Let me introduce you to the happy couple, as well as give you a sneak peek into their engagement session in Branford, CT.

Jenna and Lee have this great balance between being fun and romantic at the same time, which is always a great combination for photos! When they first contacted me about photographing their wedding, I knew right away that we'd be a perfect match. Their wedding will take place at the New Haven Lawn Club where there is the perfect mix of formal and laid back vibes, which will make it an amazing day for them (and me!).

We had so much fun during their engagement session along the Trolley Trail in Stoney Creek, Branford. The warm, summer sun was sinking into that buttery light that I love.

Jenna and Lee are such an awesome couple who clearly love each other deeply - something that shone through in every single photo we took together! If this shoot is any indication of what their wedding is going to be like then it's going to be one unforgettable day!

Enjoy a small peek into our time together!

Saturday, December 31, 2022  |  News

Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 3, 2022  |  Portraits

Nantucket, MA Family Session of Koren, Jacob & Charlotte : Nantucket Family Photographer

Choosing the best location for family photos can be a daunting task. Things to consider when thinking about where to have your family photos are, the age of the child(ren), the personality of the family, and the time of year.

I love that Koren, Jacob, and Charlotte decided to have their session at Steps Beach. It's the perfect place for letting little Charlotte be carefree and playful. Koren, Jacob, and Charlotte definitely have a "beachy" personality and don't mind getting their feet wet and, when it's summer, it's hard to find a better place than a Nantucket beach!

For the past several years I have photographed them there, and now, when I go back and look at their previous sessions, I love to see the growth and change in Charlotte with that sweet little smile of hers that just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

And, although we wind up at the beach, we love to start out on the "hydrangea driveway" right next to Steps! It takes on a new look each time we're there and fits Koren, Jacob, and Charlotte perfectly!

Thank you all for being so wonderful to photograph ~ cheers to the next time! xoxo

Friday, October 14, 2022  |  Portraits

Nantucket, MA Family Session of Amy, Brett & Tate : Nantucket Family Photographer

I am still amazed at the difference in Tate! He has grown so much since I photographed him last year!

Each year, since Tate was so very little, I have had the honor to photograph him, with his parents, on the beautiful island of Nantucket. I have treasured each and every session when I get to be with Amy, Brett, and Tate in so many beautiful locations.

I love how much they value professional photography. Having these moments captured year after year provides them with plenty of great memories to look back on and smile about for years to come. Family photos have the power to transport you back to that moment in time when you could watch your son climb a tree or snuggle into your lap. These moments can be fleeting but having professional photographs ensures that you can look back on these times over and over again.

Amy, Brett, and Tate, thank you all SO much for trusting me to give you these lasting memories. I look back on all our sessions together with such gratitude :)

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