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Friday, July 24, 2020

Branford, CT Family Session of the M Family : CT Family Photographer

Well let's just say this has been a really crazy time in our world. I know you've heard it all, so I don't even need to go on and on about it, and how Covid-19 has affected us all - be it business or health. We have all been busy navigating our way through this new world. I most definitely have, and am constantly looking around the corner for HOPE! Well, I certainly found a great big ball of hope and joy with this family!

Patty contacted me as soon as we knew it was safe to photograph her family (socially distanced). Patty and her family brought so much happiness to this session with TWO graduates celebrating their milestones, along with the fact that they all had this extended time together. Be it good or bad, they waited it all out together. So many reasons to celebrate!

Patty, John, Tyler, Paige, and Aiden you all put such a great big smile on my face when you stood so beautifully in that buttery light that I love and let me photograph you! You were my first family out of lockdown and I couldn't have asked for a better group :)
Thank you!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Hammonasset State Park Family Session of The K Family : CT Family Photographer

What a fun session this was with one of the most beautiful and joy-filled families you'll ever want to meet. Ed and Kim, you have such an incredible family. I know that getting everyone together at the same time is no easy task, but these photos that you will have forever, made it all worthwhile.

Hammonasset was the ideal location for you. Each one of you fit the scene so perfectly, and brought so much great energy, that you made my work so easy. Thank you for letting me photograph your family! I'm still smiling thinking about it :) xoxoxo

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Hammonasset State Park Family Session of The M Family : CT Family Photographer

Balancing SIX schedules can be really tough, especially when the "kids" are all over the country. That's why holiday time is so busy for me. Occasions, like Thanksgiving week, are super busy as families are coming together to celebrate.

This particular family is an extra special group and definitely one that I wanted to make sure I was able to get all together. Hammonasset State Park was the perfect location for them. It had just the right amount of ruggedness and beauty - just like them :)

Jon and Robin, thank you for letting me photograph this amazing group of kids! They are all so special and, like the two of you, so much FUN!

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Southport Beach Family Session of Justin, Kristen, Avery & Carly : CT Family Photographer

I am absolutely in love with this family, and this location! I met Justin, Kristen, Avery, and Carly at Southport Beach on a gorgeous November afternoon. With these four, I always know I'm up for plenty of laughs! They have been bringing the comedy to my life for years. The Fall colors look SO good on all of them - don't you think?

As the kids get older, it's even more important to catch these moments when you can. Thank you Kristen, Justin, Avery, and Carly for letting me document this time in your lives. You really are the best! xoxo

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Branford, CT Baby Session of Hudson : CT Baby Photographer

Let me take you back to a time when everything was joyful and carefree. A time when the words like quarantine and covid-19 were not even a thought for any of us. All our little complaints back then seem like nothing now. Ohhhhh take me back!

Well, let's go!

Meet baby Hudson and his mom, Bri. Two of the most gorgeous individuals on the planet. These two make it sooooo easy to photograph the loving bond between them. The way they look at each other, smile and laugh together, and snuggle up on each other made every second I was with them pure joy. Since I had the honor of photographing Bri when she was pregnant, it was only fitting to take the next step and photograph the beautiful miracle that had been with her for nine months.

Bri and Dan, I am SO happy for both of you - your son, Hudson, is a true blessing and I just know he is going to have an amazing life with both of you!

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