Wednesday, December 4, 2019  |  Portraits

Hammonasset State Park Senior Session of Alex : CT Senior Photographer

How is it possible that this little boy or, not so little boy, is the same as that little boy that I photographed sooooooo many years ago! I just had to add the last two photos of that time we did his photo session at the golf course. The club is just about bigger then he is. Alex, you have grown into such an awesome young man. Tall, handsome, kind, patient (especially with me, haha), and an all around great guy. Seeing how you interacted with your mom during this session showed me what a kind soul you have. You are going to have a fantastic future and I can't wait to see all the good you do out there in the world.

Thank you Alex and Dawn for letting me hang out with you again. It's always great to see you. Go gettem' Alex!

Monday, November 25, 2019  |  Portraits

Greenwich, CT Family Session of Erica, Kevin, Caitlin & Andrew : CT Family Photographer

One thing I most certainly love about being a family photographer is getting to meet SO many nice people! Erica, Kevin, Caitlin, and Andrew were, hands down, one of kindest families I've had the privilege to photograph. The first time I met them was at this session and they were instantly warm and friendly. That always makes, not only my job easier, but the photos even more beautiful and genuine. Getting people to relax in front of the camera can be a little challenging at times (I understand, I've had my own photos taken) but this family eased into the session quite quickly. It all worked out beautifully!

Thank you Erica, Kevin, Caitlin, and Andrew for all of your smiles and kindness. You are a wonderful family!

Thursday, November 14, 2019  |  Portraits

Hammonasset State Park Family Session of The W Family : CT Family Photographer

Let me bring you back to a warmer time, before freezing temperatures fell upon us and took our Summer and Fall far away. Meet Katie, Bobby, Emma, Ben, and Tilly. This family brought so much love and energy to our session at Hammonasset State Park. Emma, being the awesome big sister to her younger twin siblings, led the team in smiles. She was a fantastic role model and assistant, I might add. She was my right hand girl in photo ideas. She was such a big help corralling her family into such happy photos. I love the fun they all brought to each photo. It's exactly who they are at this time in their lives.

Thank you Katie and Bobby for trusting me to photograph your family. It was a blast!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019  |  Portraits

Guilford, CT Family Session of Eric, Sandy, Teddy & Henry : CT Family Photographer

When the kids are growing up faster then you ever imagined, and you find yourself with two teenagers, it's time to slow everything down for a second and freeze the moment. That's what Sandy and Eric did, and I'm so glad they did. We met at The Whitfield Museum in Guilford, CT for their family portrait session. The scene fit them perfectly. Teddy and Henry were kind and willing (as much as boys can be :) to have their photos taken. The love they have for their parents was evident from the moment I lifted the camera. I could see it in their eyes. You two are wonderful sons.

Thank you Eric and Sandy for trusting me to photograph your family. It was an honor.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019  |  Portraits

Nantucket Family Session of Susan, Steve, and Sadie : Nantucket Family Photographer

Gone are the days when I can keep up with blogging all the wonderful sessions I have done over the year. Would you believe this session is from July! yeesh! well, this cold and cloudy day seems like the best time to bring you back to a warm and sunny day on a beach on Nantucket.
Steps Beach to be exact. Meet Sadie. It was her time to shine, and shine she did. This was her summer between high school graduation and freshman year of college. What better way to spend it then on Nantucket with her favorite people. Mom, Dad, and her best friends surrounding her with so much love and joy. Sadie, you are blessed.

Not only were Sadie's parents present but her best friends joined in too. Amazing! I loved every second of my time with all of them. Steve, Susan, Sadie, and company, thank you, thank you, thank you, for all being so great to photograph and be with! I had a blast!

Have the best time in College Sadie! you're going to do great things :)

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