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Tuesday, March 15, 2022  |  Portraits

Central Park Family Session of the M Family : NY Family Photographer

I love working with new families! This one was no exception. Amrita, Upneet, Kabir and Ranbir were a dream to photograph.

They chose a special location that was meaningful to them and close to where they lived. Central Park. I narrowed it down to the Shakespeare Garden because it is such a unique spot with amazing textures and color in all seasons. When the gardens are in bloom, it is incredible but the show that Mother Nature puts on in the Fall is beyond! The vibrant colors and cooler temperatures make Fall an all time favorite.

When you're in Central Park there is ALWAYS a chance of having people, cars, or buildings in your background. Shakespeare Garden offered a little respite from all of that. It was as if we had New York City all to ourselves.

Thank you Amrita, Upneet, Kabir, and Ranbir for making Fall in Central Park look even better! You were all so much fun to photograph. :)

I always like to give my clients ideas for wall portraits. It really helps them envision how it will all come together in the end.

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