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Wednesday, April 5, 2023  |  Portraits

Larchmont, NY Family Session of the L Family : NY Family Photographer

"The ultimate treasure on earth is time spent with your family"

Meeting a new family and photographing them in a new location is always exciting for me!

When Indira contacted me to photograph her family at their home in Larchmont, NY, I was psyched to explore a new place and meet a new family. With the beautiful fall foliage as our backdrop, it couldn’t have been more perfect! The misty weather only added a special touch of coziness and the canopy of trees offered us protection from the dampness.

We started at a park near their home that provided just the right amount of beauty for our photo shoot. Kai, Indira, LLeah, Kyra, Zander, and Benji were so easy to be with. Lleah walked along side me chatting away like we were old friends. We trekked through trails and found fantastic spots for photos along the way.

This family showed me so much kindness and were incredible to photograph. I can't wait to see with them again!

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