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Friday, October 9, 2015  |  Events

The Woodwinds 50th Anniversary Party of John & Sheila : CT Event Photographer

You should see the great big smile on my face right now as I'm trying to describe John and Sheila's vow renewal party! Oh my it's big! Where do I even begin to describe how special these two people are. Let's just say, my adoption papers are heading their way. Margo and Charliah, you are both SO blessed to have parents like John and Sheila.

I don't think the Woodwinds will be the same after all the dancing, laughs, and unbelievable fun everyone had at your anniversary party. It was perfect in every way.

FIFTY YEARS! that is amazing. What is more amazing is how in love you two are after 50 years together. More so? and the laughs??? oh ..... yes!
(fill in the blank there Sheila :)

I can not get enough of your energy! Next up will be your gorgeous beach session that we did but I wanted to start you off with the fun that was your anniversary party. My love to the entire Best family! thank you for letting me be a part of such a special day for you :)

Head down under the last photo to see their SLIDESHOW!

Enjoy their slideshow!

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