Becky  Cronie- Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking Kelly's senior pictures and for beingthe special frined you always have been to our family! you are truly a fabulous artist.  8/25/14, 10:38pm

Tina Staples  Another top notch Cheryl production! You are still The Best!  8/7/13, 4:22pm

Barbara  Cold noses, warm and happy hearts. These are great photos, with spectacular lighting.  12/15/11, 4:52pm

Grandma Bobbi  Thanks for taking such lovely photos of my handsome grandsons.  12/6/11, 7:01pm

Mary Marantz  Look at you getting all social media!! But where's the "love" button?? xoxo M  11/29/11, 5:04pm

Kristin Sinatra  Today, someone asked me how I knew you were the photographer for us. It was a different kind of question than the typical "Who did your photos," etc. Without hesitation, I said, "because her pictures all make me feel something." Truly, I have not been more moved and hypnotized by the beauty of work like this before. I can't wait for our second session!  11/21/10, 8:57pm

Tina Staples  Cheryl, It is such a pleasure to have you take our family pictures. You have an eye for what works and your final product is always exceptional! Thank you for always being flexible and sooo easy to work with. Anyone can take pictures, but it takes a great deal of talent and an artistic eye to produce such beautiful pictures. You are very special and we are thankful to have you as our "Family Photographer".  4/13/10, 7:49pm